Proud Partner Award recipient in the 2011 Mayor's Proud Partners competition - Keep HOUSTON Beautiful.

Best Urban Nature Spot, Best of Houston 2011

“A 20-acre pocket forest park inside the Loop, West 11th Street Park is the hidden jewel that makes the Timbergrove neighborhood live up to its name. The glade’s many tall pines abound with a variety of woodpeckers, from the common downy and yellow-bellied varieties to the mighty crow-sized pileated and the gaudy redheaded, a bird so flashy it inspired Salvador Dalí. It’s also a rare urban spot to see huge great horned owls; almost everywhere else in urban Houston, only little screech owls can find suitable habitats. Even if you aren’t into birds, the park has lots to offer. In addition to the forest trails, there’s ample open space for picnicking. But it’s the woods that will bring you back: After a rain, the smells of the forest deliver you far from this concrete, smog-choked, ozone-addled metropolis. It’s a little island of Big Thicket in the Heights.”
— Houston Press
“My little boy just loved it.  He wanted to go around twice to see if we could spot the toad and we saw him!”
— Michelle D.
“Just took the wireless tour.  It was FABULOUS.  I am so happy to have something this great right in our neighborhood.”
— Lisa H.
“I’ve been walking through this park for 25 years.  The phone tour is way cool.  This is one of the great things about Houston.  And it’s free!”
— Tommy
“The Phone tour was fantastic!  I’m so impressed.”
— Doris H.
“This is the best hidden gem ever!  It was SO neat having our very own tour guide via cell phone to tell you what to look for and describe the flora, fauna and birds that we were seeing.”
— Aimee L.

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