Visit West 11th Street Park

To reach West 11th Street Park from the Houston freeway system, head west on I-10 from downtown Houston, exit at T.C. Jester, and take T.C. Jester north to W. 11th St. At W. 11th St. turn left or west, crossing White Oak Bayou, and then drive two blocks straight ahead on W. 11th Street. You will see the Park on your right. There is street parking available on Shirkmere Rd., Wister Ln., and Shelterwod Dr. surrounding the park perimeter.

Park amenaties include:  Metal benches along the perimeter of the park on Wister, Shelterwood and Shirkmere streets.  Water fountain near corner of Shelterwood and West 11th Street.  Small practice baseball field near the corner of Shirkmere and West 11th Street.  Street parking on the three residental streets that surround the park.  A maintained walking trail of appoximately 3/4 of a mile loop within the park itself.


2400 West 11th Street
Houston, TX 77008