A pocket wilderness in the heart of Houston.

West 11 Street Park


This beautiful 20.2-acre pocket wilderness, acquired in 2007, is the largest tract of native Texas forest inside the 610 loop to be added to the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department’s inventory in recent years. With a rapidly growing and diverse understory and serene wooded trails, it represents a haven for wildlife and for those of us seeking respite from the stresses of urban living.

West 11th Street Park is part of the Buffallo Bayou Loop of the Upper Texas Coast - Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, UTC 093A.

The Wireless Wilderness Cell Phone Tour is made possible, in part, by a generous contribution from the Timbergrove Manor Civic Club.

Park amenaties include:  Metal benches along the perimeter of the park on Wister, Shelterwood and Shirkmere streets.  Water fountain near corner of Shelterwood and West 11th Street.  Small practice baseball field near the corner of Shirkmere and West 11th Street.  Street parking on the three residental streets that surround the park.  A maintained walking trail of appoximately 3/4 of a mile loop within the park itself.